IDIQs, MATOCs, and SATOCs are types of government acquisition contracts that afford the US Government cost-savings through reduction of overhead in management of task orders awarded to a single contractor. These contract vehicles often have a base award period with renewable/optional additional years. Construction Services Group, Inc. is honored to be awarded these contracts and the additional renewal periods as well.

Within the government sector, CSG is proud to be the recipient of a multitude of contract awards including:


  • Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity
  • Indefinite Quantity of Services For a Fixed Time
  • Precise Quantities of Services Above Contract Minimum Required During Contract Period


  • Multiple Award Task Order Contracts
  • IDIQ Type Contract
  • Multiple Awardees Chosen to Provide Services within a Pre-Defined Dollar Amount
  • Awardees Consist of a Pool of Contractors Who Compete For Subsequent Task Orders


  • Single Award Task Order Contracts
  • IDIQ Type Contract
  • A Single Awardee Chosen to Provide Services
  • Usually Awarded For Multiple Years with Award Amount Cap